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What are the benefits of planting grass?

  • Provides a natural, comfortable, and safe setting for fun and games
  • Releases oxygen and cools the air
  • Controls pollution and reduces soil erosion
  • Purifies and helps replenish our water supply

With the use of turf grass our customers have the opportunity of creating a garden in one day! Less labour is involved overall than with seeding and a uniform result with well-defined borders can be achieved free from weed infestations.

What are the advantages of buying certified turf?

  • Free from pesticide chemicals which might harm people or pets
  • Guaranteed quality through the year
  • Uniform colouration and cutting height
  • Species and varieties that have been chosen to best adapt to our climate
  • Varieties chosen that require less watering
  • Tolerant to most diseases and infestations
  • A consistent sward made up of adult plants
  • Plants stimulated to give a fast grow in of roots once laid
  • Environmentally friendly production system
  • Turf from Campo Sol is the only turf in Europe certified by Global Gap

Our Environment

The satisfaction of creating beauty within the landscape can be rewarding for the owner and the environment. With rolls of turf grass the rewards are almost immediate.

  • A well maintained lawn can enhance ``curb appeal`` adding as much as 15 % to the value of a home.

Pollution Control

Today´s improved turf grass varieties are very effective in reducing pollution.

  • Turf grass traps and removes dust and dirt from the air
  • 300 m2 of lawn absorb carbon dioxide form the atmosphere and release enough oxygen to for a family of four to breathe.

Nature´s air conditioner

Another benefit is the tremendous cooling effect of grass.

  • On a hot Summer´s day lawns will be 18 degrees C cooler than asphalt and 7 degrees cooler than bare earth.
  •  The front lawns of just eight houses have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning which is amazing when you consider that the average home has an air conditioner with a four ton capacity.