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What type of fertiliser should I use?

This depends on the time of year, the soil type and what the grass is being used for – amenity, sport or just to look at! We advise that you take advice from a specialist or contact Camposol directly and we will be delighted to help with the quantity and type of fertiliser to be used. There are a wide range on the market from conventional compounds and blends through to slow or controlled release fertilisers.

How often should I cut the grass?

The more times the better! At least once a week in the Summer. The more cuts the more dense will be the grass sward which will prevent invading weed grasses from germinating. But remember that if you are prevented from mowing through bad weather or holidays then on the next cut only take the leaf down by a maximum of a third of the total leaf length.

When should I roll the grass?

Immediately after laying and again before the first cut. Thereafter whenever the lawn needs levelling or to stimulate the density of the grass sward.

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