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Turf Grass

Campo Sol was the first turf producer in the World to gain a Global Gap certificate in July 2009.

Grass is an important ally in creating green oases in the urban jungle! Through its use in gardens, parks, communal spaces and football pitches.

Campo Sol grows 150 ha of turf and is able to harvest 365 days of the year. We have 2 formats of turf rolls:

  • Standard – 1 m2 - 1,7 x 0,60 m 60 rolls per pallet
  • Big rolls - 10 m2 up to 20 m2 with 0,74 or 1.2 m width and 3.5 cm thickness for football pitches or large landscape projects

We can deliver throughout Portugal and Spain with a lorries carrying up to 1,080 m2 of standard rolls or 400 m2 in the big roll format.

Please call for a quote. We have also exclusive agents throughout the Iberian peninsula who can provide turf in smaller quantities. Even better is to come and visit us here on the Southern Portuguese Atlantic coast.

The sandy soils in the Odemira region together with the temperate climate make for fast and strong root growth allowing for very fast ``grow in`` when the rolls are laid in the customers grounds.

Campo Sol produces two principal mixtures of turf grasses for ornamental uses and for sports use. Species of grass are carefully chosen for their colour, resistance to drought, resistance to disease, water usage , ability to withstand foot traffic. 

We count amoung our football customers the following clubs:

Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Seville, Betis, Malaga, Valencia, Celta de Vigo, Ibar, Pamplona, Lyon, Monaco, Porto, Benfica, Sporting, Lyon, Monaco and Düsseldorf.

Lanscape Mix: 

Tall Fescue (85 % festuca arundinácea and 15 % poa pratensis)

Festuca arundinácea

This is a robust species with good dark green colouration, dense of habit, persistent with a high drought tolerance and resistance to fluctuating ambient temperatures. The leaf texture is medium to thick but newer varieties have been bred for finer leaf, slower growth, shade tolerance and the ability to tolerate lower mowing. The deep root system enables the plant to survive extreme conditions, adapting to the Portuguese climate and a wide variety of soil types form dry sands to the poorly drained. It can tolerate mild levels of salinity and chlorine, is very resistant to foot abrasion and vertical pulling forces has good fungal disease resistance and in general conditions can maintain its aesthetic looks all year around.

Poa pratensis

This is one of the species most used in cold and moderately cold climates due to its strong lateral growing root system which knits together with other species giving the sward greater strength to resist physical damage from sports footwear for example. It is slow growing but persistent with a good capacity for recovery after being physically damaged and can tolerate shade, heat and cold.

Campo Sol Sports Mix:

(60 % lolium perenne + 40 % poa pratensis)

Lolium perenne

This is a fast growing species that is widely used in sports turf due to its capacity to recover quickly from physical damage after sports events have taken place. The growth form is erect and the plants tiller to quickly fill divots left after the game. Leaves are brilliant green with darker green colours being bred into new varieties. Leaf width depends very much on variety. Germination is very rapid and newer varieties have been developed that have a denser more prostrate growth habit and can tolerate more frequent and lower mowing regimes with better disease tolerance. Lolium perenne is well adapted to resist hot and dry conditions through its symbiotic relationship with fungal endophtes.

Campo Sol are constantly reviewing seed stocks available on the market with which to produce our turf grass in order to improve characteristics such as colour, disease resistance, tolerance to heat and shade and, increasingly of importance, choosing varieties that require less watering.